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Board Documents
Board Report Board Summary
Executive Director's Statement Minutes
Country Focus
CAS Progress Report Country Engagement Note
Country Partnership Framework Country Portfolio Performance Review
Country Re-engagement Note Environmental Action Plan
Information Notice Interim Strategy Note
Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) Systematic Country Diagnostic
Transitional Support Strategy  
Economic & Sector Work
Accounting and Auditing Assessment (ROSC) City Development Strategy (CDS)
Commodities Study Corporate Governance Assessment (ROSC)
Country Economic Memorandum Country Environmental Analysis (CEA)
Country Financial Accountability Assessment Country Gender Assessment (CGA)
Country Infrastructure Framework Country Procurement Assessment (CPAR)
Debt and Creditworthiness Study Development Policy Review (DPR)
Economic Updates and Modeling Education Sector Review
Energy Study Energy-Environment Review
Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) Foreign Trade, FDI, and Capital Flows Study
General Economy, Macroeconomics and Growth Study Health Sector Review
Insolvency Assessment (ROSC) Institutional and Governance Review (IGR)
Integrative Fiduciary Assessment Investment Climate Assessment (ICA)
Knowledge Economy Study Law and Justice Study
Legal and Judicial Sector Assessment Mining/Oil and Gas
Other Agricultural Study Other Education Study
Other Environmental Study Other Financial Accountability Study
Other Financial Sector Study Other Health Study
Other Infrastructure Study Other Poverty Study
Other Procurement Study Other Public Sector Study
Other Rural Study Other Social Protection Study
Other Urban Study Policy Note
Poverty Assessment Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report
PSD, Privatization and Industrial Policy Public Environmental Expenditure Review (PEER)
Public Expenditure Review Public Investment Review
Recent Economic Developments in Infrastructure (REDI) Risk and Vulnerability Assessment
Rural Development Assessment Social Analysis
Strategic Environmental Assessment/Analysis Women in Development and Gender Study
Project Documents
Agreement Aide Memoire
Annual Report on Portfolio Performance Auditing Document
CAS Completion Report Review Completion Point Document
Corporate Evaluation Country Assistance Evaluation
Credit Agreement Decision Point Document
Disbursement Letter Environmental and Social Review Summary
Environmental Assessment Financial Monitoring Report
Financing Agreement Funding Proposal
GEF Project Brief GEF Project Document
Grant or Trust Fund Agreement Guarantee Agreement
IEG Approach Paper Impact Evaluation Report
Implementation Completion and Results Report Implementation Completion Report Review
Implementation Status and Results Report Indigenous Peoples Plan
Inspection Panel Notice of Registration Inspection Panel Report and Recommendation
Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet Investigation Report
Legal Opinion Letter
Letter of Development Policy Loan Agreement
Managing Director's Report Manual
Memorandum Memorandum & Recommendation of the Director
Memorandum & Recommendation of the Managing Director Memorandum & Recommendation of the President
Note on Cancelled Operation Preliminary Decision Point Document
President's Report Procurement Plan
Program Document Program Information Document
Program-for-Results Environmental and Social Systems Assessment Program-for-Results Fiduciary Systems Assessment
Program-for-Results Technical Assessment Project Agreement
Project Appraisal Document Project Completion Report
Project Implementation Plan Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet
Project Information Document Project Paper
Project Performance Assessment Report Resettlement Plan
Safeguards Diagnostic Review Sector or Thematic Evaluation
Side Letter Social Assessment
Staff Appraisal Report Statutory Committee Report
Technical Annex Tranche Release Document
Trust Fund Administrative Agreement  
Publications & Research
Annual Report Brief
Commodity Working Paper Departmental Working Paper
Directory Environment Working Paper
ESMAP Paper Financial Flows
Global Development Finance - formerly World Debt Tables Global Environment Facility Working Paper
Human Capital Working Paper Internal Discussion Paper
Issues in Agriculture Journal Article
LAC Human & Social Development Group Paper Series MADIA Discussion Paper
Newsletter PAS Research Paper
Policy Paper Policy Research Working Paper
Poverty & Social Policy Working Paper President's Speech
Price Prospects for Major Primary Commodities Publication
Report on the World Bank Research Program SPAAR Working Paper
Staff Working Paper UNDP-Water & Sanitation Program
Viewpoint Water & Sanitation Discussion Paper
WBI Working Paper Working Paper
Working Paper (Numbered Series) World Bank Annual Report
World Bank Atlas World Development Indicators
World Development Report