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Recently Declassified Documents

The recently approved Access to Information Policy allows for the declassification of certain materials following the passage of time and providing that they do not contain or refer to information which is not eligible under one of the exceptions set out in the policy.

In 2010, the Board approved the review and early declassification of these reports (Proposal to Implement Specific Elements of the Access to Information Policy before July 1, 2010, R2010-0132 [IDA/R2010-0164]) and the regions were consulted to identify any which were ineligible. Following the implementation of the Policy on July 1, 2010, older reports continue to cleared and made available on a quarterly basis.

The types of reports eligible for routine declassification are:

Five years old or older = Economic and Sector reports, Project reports, Country Focus reports, Completion reports, President's reports 

Twenty years old or older = President's memoranda 

Reports released in the last quarterly batch can be seen here.

If you have additional questions, please visit the Access to Information Website.