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Confronting a changing climate in Michoacán (Inglês)


Mexico, the world's fourteenth largest economy, has emerged as one of the global leaders in confronting the climate challenge. The country has committed to ambitious CO2 reduction targets and has rolled out a multi-sectoral effort to adapt to a changing...  Exibir mais +


  • Damanill, Richard; George, David; Jacobsen, Michael Peter Steen; Rodriguez, Diego Juan; Glauber, Ann Jeannette; Ramos, Verania Sanchez;
  • 2010/01/01
  • Documento de trabalho;
  • 58905
  • 1
  • 1
  • México
  • América Latina e Caribe
  • 2011/01/11
  • Disclosed
  • Confronting a changing climate in Michoacán
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