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The state of social safety nets 2018 (Inglês)

This third edition of The State of Social Safety Nets examines trends in coverage, spending,and program performance using the World Bank Atlas of Social Protection Indicators of Resilience and Equity (ASPIRE) updated database. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 124300 MAR 14, 2018

Ivaschenko,Oleksiy; Rodriguez Alas,Claudia P; Novikova,Marina; Romero Robayo,Carolina; Bowen,Thomas Vaughan; Zhu,Linghui Disclosed

International patterns of pension provision II : a worldwide overview of facts and figures (Inglês)

This paper presents and explains cross country data for mandatory publicly and privately managed pension systems around the world. This report is organized into three parts corresponding to three broad types of indicators. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho (Série Numerada) 70319 JUN 01, 2012

Pallares-Miralles, Montserrat; Romero, Carolina; Whitehouse, Edward Disclosed

Coverage : how much of the labor force is covered by the pension system? (Inglês)

This briefing note looks at issues in the measurement of coverage by the formal pension system of people of working age. It is the second in a series describing the World Bank's Pension Reform Indicators and Database. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 70348 JAN 01, 2012

Romero-Robayo, Carolina; Palacios, Robert; Pallares-Miralles, Montserrat; Whitehouse, Edward Disclosed