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Generating Gridded Agricultural Gross Domestic Product for Brazil : A Comparison of Methodologies (Inglês)

This paper examines two new methods to generate gridded agricultural Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and compares the results with a traditional method. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS8985 AUG 19, 2019

Chambers,Thomas Timothy; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike; Ru,Yating; Blankespoor,Brian; Kalvelagen,Erwin Marinus Franciscus Disclosed

Crop production, transport infrastructure, and agrobusiness nexus : evidence from Madagascar (Inglês)

The literature suggests a wide range of impacts of improved transport connectivity on agricultural growth. Still, the infrastructure-growth nexus remains somewhat mysterious, particularly in the African context, because many rural farmers do not have their own transport means. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS8486 JUN 21, 2018

Iimi,Atsushi; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike Disclosed

Spatial autocorrelation panel regression : agricultural production and transport connectivity (Inglês)

Spatial analysis in economics is becoming increasingly important as more spatial data and innovative data mining technologies are developed. Even in Africa, where data often crucially lack quality analysis, a variety of spatial data have recently been developed, such as highly disaggregated crop production maps. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS8089 JUN 06, 2017

Iimi,Atsushi; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike Disclosed

Agriculture production and transport infrastructure in east Africa : an application of spatial autoregression (Inglês)

Africa is estimated to have great potential for agricultural production, but there are a number of constraints inhibiting the development of that potential. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS7281 JUN 01, 2015

Iimi,Atsushi; You,Liangzhi; Wood-Sichra,Ulrike; Humphrey,Richard Martin Disclosed