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Introducing commercial finance into the water sector in developing countries (Inglês)

This guidance note provides an introduction to the role of commercial finance in the water and sanitation sector. Its aim is to help readers (development specialists) explore applications in their own countries. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 113113 FEB 01, 2017

Bender,Kevin Inglês Disclosed

Kenya - Urban commercial financing for water and sanitation : water service provider creditworthiness index report (Inglês)

Documento de Trabalho ACS16206 FEB 12, 2016

Bender,Kevin Disclosed

Kenya - Kenya Urban Water and Sanitation OBA Fund for Low Income Areas : P132979 - Implementation Status Results Report : Sequence 02 (Inglês)

Situação da implementação e relatório dos resultados ISR21031 OCT 22, 2015


Governments don’t have to go it alone : leveraging public funds to attract commercial finance forimproved water services (Inglês)

Public sector funds alone are often insufficient to provide access to water for all. This briefdemonstrates how governments can increase the overall funding available to the water sector by strategically using their limited public funds to attract additional financing from commercial lenders. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 98670 MAR 01, 2015

Bender,Kevin Disclosed

Project Information Document (Appraisal Stage) - Kenya Urban Water and Sanitation OBA Fund for Low Income Areas - P132979 (Inglês)

Documento de informações do projeto PIDA1092 JUN 04, 2014