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New rural access index : main determinants and correlation to poverty (Inglês)

Transport connectivity is essential to sustain inclusive growth in developing countries, where many rural populations and businesses are still considered to be unconnected to the domestic, regional, or global market. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS7876 NOV 02, 2016

Iimi,Atsushi; Ahmed,A.K. Farhad; Anderson,Edward Charles; Diehl,Adam Stone; Maiyo,Laban; Peralta Quiros,Tatiana; Rao,Kulwinder Singh Disclosed

Advances and challenges in 'intelligent transportation' : the evolution of ICT to address transport challenges in developing countries (Inglês)

Transport efficiency and safety in the advanced economies have long benefited from information and communication technology (ICT). However, these ICT applications have typically been high-cost, customized infrastructure systems. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 102668 NOV 01, 2015

Wang,Wei; Krishnan,Raman V.; Diehl,Adam Stone Disclosed

A new measure of rural access to transport : using GIS data to inform decisions and attainment of the SDGs (Inglês)

In rural areas of the developing world, where the majority of the poor live, good transport connectivity through road infrastructure and transport services is an essential part of the enabling environment for sustainable growth. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 102767 OCT 01, 2015

Iimi,Atsushi; Diehl,Adam Stone Disclosed

Korea Green Growth Partnership (KGGP) progress report 2013-14 (Inglês)

Korea has learned valuable lessons applicable to sustainable economic development through its journey from low-income country in the 1960s to one of the most dynamic economies in the world. ... Exibir mais +

Relatório Anual 101490 SEP 01, 2014

Diehl,Adam Stone; Morri,Aldo; Bagliani, Anthony; Lee,Changgi; Wataya,Eiko; Travers,Eileen; Yi,Eun Joo Allison; Hassan,Iman Disclosed

Changing gears : green transport for cities (Inglês)

The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are engaging the G20 leaders on ways to unlock the potential for green urban transport. In a new paper, cities at a crossroads: unlocking the potential of green urban transport, they lay out the challenges and opportunities. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 73400 JUN 18, 2012

Wright, Lloyd; Vandycke, Nancy; Russell, Catherine M.; Diehl, Adam Disclosed