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Pork to performance : open government and program performance tracking in the Philippines - phase two (Inglês)

From pork to performance illuminates the politics of how public resources are spent and the difficulty of the ‘last mile’ of service delivery. Crumbling facilities, absentee teachers, and roads to nowhere waste resources and retard development in many countries around the world. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho AUS18311 JUL 01, 2016

Kaiser,Kai-Alexander Disclosed

Closing the feedback loop : can technology bridge the accountability gap? (Inglês)

Enhanced transparency, accountability, and government or donor responsiveness to people needs are imperative to achieve better and more sustainable development results on the ground. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 88268 MAY 19, 2014

Anand,Nicole Sheena; Asad,Saher; Bailur, Savita (Editor); Bott,Maja; Custer,Samantha; Dodds,Elizabeth; Gagieva-Petrova,Elena; Gigler, Bjorn Soren (Editor); Madon,Shirin; Park,Kyung Ryul; Shkabatur,Jennifer; Wittemyer, Renee; Young,Gregor Disclosed