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How to identify legal barriers to women’s participation in agriculture (Inglês)

How do legal barriers perpetuate the gender gap in agriculture? The gender gap in agriculture - women’s lower productivity and earnings compared to men’s - has crippling effects on producers and consumers alike, from the household to the national level. ... Exibir mais +

120912 NOV 01, 2017

Vyzaki,Marialena; Van De Velde,Patricia Oonagh Disclosed

Beyond quality at entry : portfolio review on gender implementation of agriculture projects (FY08-13) (Inglês)

The objective of this study was to go beyond a standard gender review of project design to increase knowledge of how and to what extent World Bank agriculture projects address gender issues during implementation. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 94753 APR 01, 2015

Mollard, Ingrid; Brearley, Emily; Vyzaki, Marialena; Taivalmaa, Sanna-Liisa Disclosed

Supporting women's agro-enterprises in Africa with ICT : a feasibility study in Zambia and Kenya (Inglês)

A new generation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) is finding a small foothold among poor, small-scale farmers in developing countries. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 93077 FEB 01, 2015

Gilissen, Sandra; Sommeling, Eric; Penza-Chona, Bwalya; Kirui, Lucy; Pehu,Eija; Poutianen, Pirkko; Havimo,Terhi Elisa; Vyzaki,Marialena Disclosed

Empowering rural women in the East Asia and Pacific region (Inglês)

Since the early 1990s, the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region has seen remarkable economic growth and a significant reduction in the number of people living on less than 1.25 United States dollar (USD) a day (more than 50 percent decrease since 1990). ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 88830 MAY 01, 2014

Stanley, Victoria; Vyzaki, Marialena Disclosed

Examples from East Asia on strengthening women's land rights (Inglês)

Land is one of the most valuable assets for rural people. Despite strong recent economic growth and overall development, gender disparities in access to and control over land remain pervasive in the East Asia region. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 87929 MAY 01, 2014

Stanley, Victoria; Vyzaki, Marialena Disclosed

Gender, agriculture, and climate change (Inglês)

Climate change affects rural women's and men's ability to secure their livelihoods. At the same time, it poses new challenges for the agricultural sector in reducing poverty and food insecurity and in transforming itself into a strong engine for sustainable economic growth. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 84675 FEB 01, 2014

Ahmad, Nilufar; El-Fatal, Lamia; Pehu, Eija; Poutiainen, Pirkko; Vyzaki, Marialena Disclosed

Supporting women through agriculture projects in the Latin America and Caribbean Region (Inglês)

In the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Region, agriculture projects cover a variety of activities such as agricultural production, off-farm employment, access and management of water resources (irrigation), land titling and land management, as well as access to markets and financial services. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 78413 JUN 01, 2013

Stanley, Victoria; Weiss, Eli; Vyzaki, Marialena Disclosed