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Teacher Professional Development around the World : The Gap between Evidence and Practice (Inglês)

Teachers, like all professionals, require ongoing professional development opportunities to improve their skills. This paper provides evidence on effective professional development characteristics and how at-scale programs incorporate those characteristics. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS8572 AUG 30, 2018

Popova,Anna; Evans,David; Breeding,Mary E.; Arancibia,Violeta Disclosed

Training teachers on the job : what works and how to measure it (Inglês)

A significant body of research demonstrates that teachers and the quality of their teaching are crucial components of student learning. Many teachers in resource-poor environments have limited knowledge, skills, or motivation. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS7834 SEP 26, 2016

Popova,Anna; Evans,David; Arancibia,Violeta Disclosed