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Urban age 6(4) : Urban age - Gambling on the City Economy (Inglês)

Porto Alegre: where the public controls the purse strings, by Lucy Conger. Home ownership: the new Chinese Dream, by Ted Plafker. Riches in rags, by Gabriela Boyer. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 20843 JAN 31, 1999

Conger, Lucy; Plafker, Ted; Boyer, Gabriela; Boyle, Robin; Landry, Charles; Patrick, Stuart; Chatterjee, Patralekha; Juhel, Mark; Pollock, Eric; Drabrowski, Andrea; Raboh,Hossam Abd; Auclair, Christine; Lebo, Jerry; Bergen, Margaret [editor] Disclosed

Urban age (6,1) : Urban age - the shadow economy (Inglês)

The shadow economy (Dana Wickware). Microentrepreneurs: the unacknowledged borrowers (Lucy Conger). A conversation with Elaben Bhatt (Margaret Bergen and Paralekha Chatterjee). ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 18316 JUL 31, 1998

Wickware, Dana; Conger, Lucy; Bergen, Margaret; Chatterjee, Patralekha; Sanio, Michael; Hanson, Frank; Auclair, Christine; French, Patrick; Biles, Annabel; Peirce, Neal; Saint, Andrew; Taillant, J. Daniel Disclosed

Impact 2 (3) : regarding giants (Inglês)

Giant steps : can broader be better? by Erik D'Amato. Whale in a swimming pool, by Debora Spar. Different kind of banker, different kind of bank. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 18588 JAN 01, 1998

D'Amato, Erik; Spar, Debora; Conger, Lucy; Voloshina, Aylona; Wright, Rob [editor] Disclosed

Impact 2 (2) : fiery times in Asia (Inglês)

Tigers tamed: Asian danger, Asian opportunity, by Teresa C. Barger. Uzbekistan: three of a kind, by Ketki Bhagwati, Raymond Chiu, Per Kjellerhaug, and Paul Crystal. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 18587 JAN 01, 1998

Barger, Teresa C.; Bhagwati, Ketki; Issa, Omari; Montague, Adrian A.; Clarke, Denis; Conger, Lucy; Asamoah, Solomon; Ndiaye, Papa; Crystal, Paul; Raymond Chiu; Kjellerhaug, Per Disclosed

The urban age - children and youth in cities (Inglês)

Out of the tunnel of urban childhood. Learning to get better. Unraveling the dilemma of child labor. Children in development. Picture Cape Town: images of South Africa. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 17515 JAN 31, 1997

Helmore, Kristin; Bundy, Don; Thakkar, Mitesh; Winter, Carolyn; Boyden, Jo; Myers, William; Hart, Roger; Chatterjee, Patralekha; Le Breton, Juliet; Freeman, Hugh; Backus, Emily; de la Barra, Ximena; Graef, Roger; Scheper-Hughes, Nancy; Hoffman, Daniel; Bergen, Margaret; Conger, Lucy; Sweet, David Disclosed