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Understanding China’s Long-term Care Insurance Pilots : What is Going On? Do they Work? and Where to go Next? : Technical Note (Inglês)

In China, the rapid aging of the population and the weakening of family-based elder care are increasing the demand for formal long-term care services for the elderly. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139553 JAN 01, 2019

Huang,Yang; Zhuang,Xiaowei; Zhang,Yixing Disclosed

Willingness-to-pay for Home and Community-based Aged Care Services in China : Findings From Anhui Province (Inglês)

Home- and community-based aged care services (HCBS) are favored universally by the elderly across countries and is considered more cost-effective than institutional care and helpful for containing aged care expenditures. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139555 JAN 01, 2019

Huang,Yang; Hu,Linlin; Zhuang,Xiaowei; Zhang,Yixing; Glinskaya,Elena E.; Wang,Dewen Disclosed

Opportunity Costs of Informal Aged Care Provision in China : Technical Note (Inglês)

Informal aged care, usually provided by family members or relatives on a regular basis without payment plays an important role in meeting care needs in most countries. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139551 JAN 01, 2019

Huang,Yang; Zhuang,Xiaowei; Zhang,Yixing Disclosed