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Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2004 : accelerating development (Inglês)

Presenting the proceedings of the May 2003 World Bank Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE), the volume imparts new research findings and discussions on key policy issues related to poverty reduction by eminent scholars and practitioners from around the world. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 30228 JAN 01, 2004

Bourguignon, Francois; Pleskovic, Boris [editors]; Premji, Azim Hasham; Stern, Nicholas; Mohan, Rakesh; Srinivasan, T. N.; Burgess, Robin; Venables, Anthony J.; Dasgupta, Partha; Lin, Justin Yifu; Mingxing Liu; Ofer, Gur; Winter, Sidney; Rao, Govinda; Polenske, Karen R.; Platteau, Jean-Philippe; Ndulu, Benno J.; Nayyar, Rohini; Rao, Vijayendra; Attanasio, Orazio P.; Meghir, Costas; Szekely, Miguel; Duflo, Esther; Schultz, T. Paul

Transition 14 (4-6) (Inglês)

Contents: Iraq is a transition economy of the Middle East. The task is to transform the economy-dominated by central planning, price controls, and extensive state ownership-into a genuine market economy. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 28425 JUN 01, 2003

Barysch, Katinka; Taheri, Amir; Fulin, Chi; Stern, Nicholas; Fries, Steven; Polanec, Saso; Berglöf, Erik; Pajuste, Anete; Yudaeva, Ksenia; Shakarishvili, George; McKee, Martin; Fuenzalida-Puelma, Hernan Luis; Hayhurst, David; Ovseiko, Pavel; Guriev, Sergei; Ofer, Gur; Bartholomew, Ann; Lister, Stephen; Mountfield, Edward; Nguyen Van Minh Disclosed

The Russian city in transition - the first six years in ten Volga capitals (Inglês)

After studying the nature and variety of transition in 10 regional capitals of Russia, the authors observe that: 1) All cities have experienced radical changes in their institutions and economies - changes associated on the one hand with the abolition of central planning and the introduction of freer markets, and on the other hand with political decentralization and the introduction of local elections. 2) These changes have led to a wide diversity in economic and social outcomes, reflecting differences in the central government's (inequitable) economic relations with regions with regional as well as differing local and regional policies. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS2165 AUG 31, 1999

de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur

The World Bank economic review 9(3) (Inglês)

The Soviet economic decline. William Easterly and Stanley Fischer Contingent valuation and actual behavior: predicting connections to new water systems in the State of Kerala, India. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 15176 SEP 30, 1995

Easterly, William; Fischer, Stanley; Griffin, Charles C.; Briscoe, John; Singh, Bhanwar; Ramasubban, Radhika; Bhatia, Ramesh; Cukierman, Alex; Webb, Steven B.; de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur; Sander, Olga; Velenchik, Ann D.; Birdsall, Nancy; Ross, David; Sabot, Richard; Ranis, Gustav

Private service firms in a transitional economy : findings of a survey in St. Petersburg (Inglês)

This report presents the findings of a survey of private sector firms in St. Petersburg. Services are defined as all sectors of the economy other than agriculture, manufacturing, construction, and utilities. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 13033 MAY 31, 1994

de Melo, Marta; Ofer, Gur

Transition 4 (2) (Inglês)

Bolshevik biscuit in private hands: successful transformation of a Russian company. China's surge toward a socialist market economy: spring session of the Parliament. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 16442 MAR 31, 1993

Nellis, John; de Melo, Martha; Ofer, Gur; Sandler, Olga; Harrold, Peter C.