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Engaging Citizens in Countries Affected by Fragility, Conflict, and Violence (Inglês)

This paper provides insights for World Bank staff to support a stronger understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and entry points to mainstreaming citizen engagement in fragility,conflict, and violence (FCV) contexts. ... Exibir mais +

Report 144569 DEC 01, 2019

Chasara,Margaret; Grandvoinnet,Helene Marie Disclosed

Opening the black box : the contextual drivers of social accountability (Inglês)

Opening the black box: contextual drivers of social accountability effectiveness focuses on social accountability (SA), a form of citizen engagement defined in World Bank reports as the ‘extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs’ (World Bank 2012). ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 95809 APR 11, 2015

Aslam,Ghazia; Grandvoinnet,Helene Marie; Raha,Shomikho Disclosed

Designing and implementing a capacity building program for social accountability : lessons from Cambodia's program to enhance capacity in social accountability (Inglês)

Social accountability (SA) refers to the extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 84860 JAN 01, 2014

Kumagai, Saki; Singh, Janmejay; Soller, Michelle; Grandvoinnet, Helene; Agarwal, Sanjay Disclosed

Mainstreaming citizen engagement in the Middle East and North Africa region : a briefing note (Inglês)

This brief provides an introduction to the issue of citizen engagement (CE) as well as the piloting of the agenda in the Bank's Middle East and North Africa (MNA) region. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 83717 SEP 01, 2013

Bousquet, Franck; Bhatt, Nina; Yamouri, Najat; Agarwal, Sanjay; Grandvoinnet, Helene; Thindwa, Jeff; Fall, Marieta; Singh, Janmejay; Ahuja, Preeti; Manroth, Astrid Disclosed

Supporting social accountability in the Middle East and North Africa : lessons from transitions (Inglês)

Social accountability is increasingly recognized as a way to make governance reforms and development efforts more effective in responding to the needs of citizens. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 67729 JAN 01, 2012

Bousquet, Franck; Thindwa, Jeff; Felicio, Mariana; Grandvoinnet, Helene Disclosed

Design and implementation of financial management systems : an African perspective (Inglês)

In the early 1990s, developing countries in Africa began to focus on the improvement of public finance, in particular on budget and expenditure management reforms. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho (Série Numerada) 23523 JAN 31, 2002

Waldburger, Antoine [editor]; Heidenhof, Guenter; Grandvoinnet, Helene; Kianpour, Daryoush; Rezaian, Bobak

State-community synergies in development : laying the basis for collective action (Inglês)

If states would interact more synergistically with communities, they could tap local energies and resources for development-- and help create a development-oriented society and polity in the process. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS2439 SEP 30, 2000

Das Gupta, Monica; Grandvoinnet, Helene; Romani, Mattia