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Grain storage : public-private partnerships (Inglês)

Global attention was focused on food price volatility in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Governments initiated policy measures to ensure food security of populations, which included increasing food reserves as well as measures to reduce food wastage, including wastage due to poor storage and handling. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 119986 SEP 01, 2017

Shukla,Shyamala; Gupta,Neeraj; Mckee,David M. Disclosed

Handshake : IFC's quarterly journal on public-private partnerships (5) (Inglês)

This issue includes the following headings: seeds and soil: smallholder agriculture; innovation: pairing commercial buyers with rural producers; grain storage: a ready role for public-private partnerships (PPPs); agricultural clusters: powering Africa's agricultural potential; and interviews: AgDevCo, bill and Melinda gates foundation, earth policy institute. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 54688 APR 01, 2012

Battat,Michelle L.; Bisby, Jyoti; Buckholtz, Alison [editor]; Collion, Marie-Hélène; Dahan,Mariana; Delmon,Jeffrey John; Delmon,Victoria Hilda Rigby; Drechsel, Pay; Ekanayake,Indira Janaki; Gupta,Neeraj; Haslam, Maggie; Lampietti,Julian A.; Lurie,Jay Brandon; Mandri-Perrott,Xavier Cledan; Mckee,David M.; Mhlanga, Nomathemba; Moses, Gene; Mulenga, Barnabas; Oliveira, Tanya Scobie [editor]; Onimus,Francois; Otoo, Miriam; Perard,Edouard; Pingali,Prabhu; Rajalahti,Riikka; Ryan,John Edwin Holston; Santacoloma, Pilar; Toyoda,Makiko; Vegarra,German A. Disclosed

A harvest of practical insights : lessons learned in agriculture, agribusiness, sustainable rural development and climate change (Inglês)

This IFC SmartBook is a compilation of sixteen IFC SmartLessons that presents practical lessons learned by staff from across the IFC and the World Bank on approaches for engaging in agriculture that have led to success. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 72690 MAR 01, 2012

Acharya,Gayatri; Ali,Anika; Arias Carballo,Diego; Braimoh,Ademola; Criscuolo,Alberto; Debroux,Laurent; Dixie,Grahame; Fock,Achim; Gupta,Neeraj; Hanbal,Hazem Ibrahim; Hernani,Mirella; Hoyos, María Carolina; Johnson,Ebbe Carl Vigen; Lurie,Jay Brandon; Macawaris,Natalie D.; Cruikshank Ockman,Sarah Jane; Pathy,Manivannan; Rahman,Shaela; Reyes Retana De La Torre,Graciela; Rybalko,Fedir Mykolayovych; Sircar,Mrinal Kanti; Tanatar,Selcuk; Taylor,Colin; Varodi,Oksana; Weber,Nicolas Carlos Marius; Woelcke,Johannes; Zamora-Galinato,Carla Mae; Zhao,Jun Disclosed

IFC advisory services in public-private partnerships : lessons from our work in infrastructure, health and education (Inglês)

This IFC SmartBook is a compilation of twelve IFC SmartLessons published between February and November and 2009 that focuses on the topic of conflict-affected countries. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 62459 JUL 01, 2010

Amoako, Brigid; Bea,Sylvestre; Beloe,William Trant; Cariaga,Arturo Doria; Faustino Coelho,Carla M. N.; Fernando-Pacua,Marianna Alfa; Ferozie,Muneer A.; Flores,Juan-Luis; Gupta,Neeraj; Hodges,John T.; Leroy-Themeze,Claude M.L.; Mehra,Neha; Morley,James; O'Farrell,Catherine C.; Onoka,Jane; Prevost,Christophe; Progri,Ariana; Sevilla,Jed A.; Sobek,Martin; Taylor, Robert Disclosed

Finland - World trade indicators 2009 : Trade at a glance (Inglês)

This country level trade brief summarizes insights from the world trade indicators database as well as analyzes national impacts and responses to the food crisis and global recession. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 72587 DEC 01, 2009

Khubchandani, Harsha; Jhamb, Dhawal; Gupta, Neeraj; Dasgupta, Paramita Disclosed

Lifting constraints to public-private partnerships in South Asia (Inglês)

Today policymakers increasingly recognize that public-private partnerships (PPPs) in infrastructure offer the most promise for developing infrastructure and improving services. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 37542 MAY 01, 2006

Bhatia,Bhavna; Gupta,Neeraj Disclosed

Transforming telecoms in Afghanistan : expanding affordable access by introducing competition (Inglês)

Afghanistan has transformed its telecommunications from a fragmented system serving few people to a modern one putting Afghans in touch with one another and with the global economy. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 37537 APR 01, 2006

Bhatia, Vahaban; Gupta, Neeraj Disclosed