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Agribusiness in South Asia : Extended version of the industry case study done for : South Asia’s turn - Policies to boost competitiveness and create the next export powerhouse (Inglês)

: Agribusiness (including agriculture) accounts for almost one third of South Asia’s GDP and has the potential to almost double over the next fifteen years (reaching 1.5 trillion US dollars by 2030). ... Exibir mais +

108828 OCT 01, 2016

Chodavarapu,Soujanya Krishna; Hoglund Giertz,Asa Margareta G.; Jaeger,Peter Martin Lind Disclosed

An analytical toolkit for support to contract farming (Inglês)

Over the past century or so, a wide assortment of pre-harvest agreements, joint ventures, deals, and pledges that can be termed contract farming have been brokered between farmers and buyers. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 88181 MAY 01, 2014

Dixie,Grahame; Jaeger,Peter Martin Lind; Jonasova,Marketa; Ronchi,Loraine; Sergeant,Andrew Thomas H.; Yap,Justin Disclosed