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From cash to digital transfers in India : the story so far : De las transferencias en efectivo a las transferencias digitales en la India : la situación hasta el momento (Espanhol)

India has ambitious goals to deliver electronic welfare payments, banking services, and digital local government services to each of its 638,000 villages. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 95211 FEB 01, 2015

Banerjee,Shweta S. Disclosed

Community-managed food security enterprises in Andhra Pradesh, India (Inglês)

Rice is a staple food for people in Andhra Pradesh, who buy most of it (70 percent) on the open market and get the balance (30 percent) from the Public Distribution System (PDS). ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 42729 DEC 01, 2007

Mohan, Vijay; Takada, Mio; Kalavakonda, Vijaysekar; Banerjee, Shweta; Shah, Parmesh Disclosed

Making markets work for the poor : community-managed procurement centers for small and medium farmers in Andhra Pradesh, India (Inglês)

Small and marginal farmers in rural Andhra Pradesh have been subject to intensive exploitation by moneylenders, traders, and middlemen. Lack of access to the market, lack of power to negotiate prices due to extreme poverty levels, and the daily challenge of meeting minimum subsistence needs had made them vulnerable to unfair terms of trade. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 42721 DEC 01, 2007

Rao, K.P.; Kalavakonda, Vijaysekar; Banerjee, Shweta S.; Shah, Parmesh Disclosed

Process monitoring in Andhra Pradesh : an award-winning innovation in project supervision (Inglês)

This note explains that given the limited budgets allocated to supervision activities, supervising World Bank projects has long been a serious challenge-particularly in sprawling rural areas with small poor communities spread out over vast distances. ... Exibir mais +

Informativo 40399 JUN 01, 2007

Shah, Parmesh; Banerjee, Shweta S.; Larson, Gunnar Disclosed