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Light manufacturing in Tanzania : a reform agenda for job creation and prosperity (Inglês)

The chapters in part one provides the overall context of light manufacturing in Tanzania. Chapter one presents the rationale for the study, the potential of the sector in creating jobs and prosperity for Africa, and the approach and methodology of the study. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação 80893 JAN 01, 2013

Dinh, Hinh T.; Monga, Celestin; Morisset, Jacques; Kweka, Josaphat; Yagci, Fahrettin; Yoshino, Yutaka Disclosed

Mozambique Cashew reforms revisited : Mozambique Cashew reforms revisited (Inglês)

Cashew policy reforms in Mozambique have been controversial. They are often invoked by critics as an illustration of how agricultural policy reforms supported by international financial institutions may fail to have their intended effects. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre pesquisa de políticas WPS5939 JAN 01, 2012

Aksoy, M. Ataman; Yagci, Fahrettin Disclosed

Salient features of trade performance in Eastern and Southern Africa (Inglês)

This paper reviews the main trends in growth, direction, and structure of intra- and extra-regional trade in the eastern and southern Africa (ESA) region and its trading blocks (COMESA, SADC, SACU and EAC). ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho (Série Numerada) 31276 OCT 01, 2004

Yagci, Fahrettin; Aldaz-Carrollo, Enrique

Choice of exchange rate regimes for developing countries (Inglês)

The choice of an appropriate exchange rate regime for developing countries has been at the center of the debate in international finance for a long time. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho (Série Numerada) 22707 APR 30, 2001

Yagci, Fahrettin

Macroeconomic policies and adjustment in Yugoslavia : some counterfactual simulations (Inglês)

After a period of successful growth in the 1970s, Yugoslavia was hit very hard by a severe balance of payments crisis at the end of the 1970s that has overshadowed the economic scene since. ... Exibir mais +

Publicação WDP16 JUL 31, 1987

Yagci, Fahrettin; Kamin, Steven

Structural adjustment lending : an evaluation of program design (Inglês)

Structural adjustment lending is a comparatively new instrument. Although the Bank has substantially improved the design and implementation of these operations, there are areas which need further improvement. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre o pessoal SWP735 MAY 31, 1985

Yagci, Fahrettin; Kamin, Steven; Rosenbaum, Vicki

Protection and incentives in Turkish manufacturing : an evaluation of policies and their impact in 1981 (Inglês)

Turkey has made piecemeal use of protective and incentive measures and has not given sufficient attention to the interdependence of these instruments and their net effect on different market destinations and sectors. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de trabalho sobre o pessoal SWP660 JUL 31, 1984

Yagci, Fahrettin