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Chad - Second Structural Adjustment Credit Project (Inglês)

The Second Structural Adjustment Credit Project will support Chad's adjustment program. The program aims to restore critical public sector capacity, reorient expenditures towards priority developmental sectors and facilitate the operation of the private sector. ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P7150 JUN 06, 1997


Uganda - Third Structural Adjustment Credit Project (Inglês)

The principles objectives of the Third Structural Adjustment Credit Project are to foster longer-term fiscal sustainability, with the main components involving a more efficient tax system as well as better management of public expenditures. ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P7097 MAY 01, 1997


Kyrgyz Republic - Public Sector Resource Management Adjustment Credit (Inglês)

The Public Sector Resources Management Adjustment Credit (PSRMAC) Project supports the Government's efforts to reform public sector management by: a) improving fiscal management; b) restructuring the fiscal relationship between the central and local government levels; and c) ensuring that essential public services divested by state-owned enterprises will be provided by the government. ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P7054 MAR 17, 1997


Madagascar - Structural Adjustment Program Project (Inglês)

The Structural Adjustment Credit (SAC) Project aims to break Madagascar out of a poverty trap by helping to restore investor confidence. The main macroeconomic objectives are to achieve low inflation and to regularize the external debt situation within a viable balance of payments (debt rescheduling at the Paris club and mobilizing exceptional donor financing). ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P7013 FEB 19, 1997


Mozambique - Third Economic Recovery Credit Project (Inglês)

The Third Economic Recovery Credit Project is the fifth International Development Association (IDA) adjustment credit to Mozambique supporting the reform agenda outlined in the Policy Framework Paper for 1996-98 and the Bank's Country Assistance Strategy for Mozambique (CAS). ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P7043 JAN 08, 1997


Bosnia and Herzegovina - Emergency Industrial Re-Start Project (Inglês)

The Emergency Industrial Re-Start Project is designed to help restart industry and production by: a) attracting foreign private finance for working capital and minor short-term investments to re-start viable parts of industrial and commercial enterprises; and b) providing foreign exchange for the purchase of critical imports for industry. ... Exibir mais +

Relatório do Diretor-Gerente P6993 NOV 19, 1996