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Developing a recursive dynamic CGE model of the Mongolian economy : the ERI CGE model (Inglês)

Mongolia’s geographical location, its economic structure and its mineral wealth give it unique characteristics. Tapping its natural resources in a way that equally benefits the social and economic well-being of Mongolians is the greatest challenge. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 127396 JUN 15, 2018

Bayarjargal, Munkh-Ireedui; Ganshir,Vaanchig; Lkhanaajav,Esmedekh Disclosed

Impact on household livelihoods in the mining sector : examples of Mongolia - preliminary report (Mongoliano)

Documento de Trabalho 127418 JAN 01, 2018


Impact of the mining sector on the economy and budget revenue management (Inglês)

Over the last decade, the Mongolian economy inevitably faced numerous booms and busts. The economic indicators revealed that the booms and busts were caused by the changes in the mining sector with changed in mineral commodity prices and the investment being particularly salient. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 127392 JAN 01, 2018

Batdelger,Tuvshintugs; Begz,Delgermaa; Lkhanaajav,Esmedekh; Tuvshintugs,Dulguun Disclosed