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Schooling, Skills, and Success : trends and linkages in schooling and work among Cambodian youth - a cohort panel analysis (Inglês)

Cambodia’s education sector has faced and overcome a number of challenges in recent history. Several decades of political and social unrest caused by the Khmer Rouge regime of the 1970s and Vietnamese occupation in the 1980’s dealt a severe blow to the education system and left it in a state of disintegration. ... Exibir mais +

Outro estudo sobre educação AUS19668 MAR 29, 2017

Fukao,Tsuyoshi; Filmer,Deon P.; Huang, Haijing Disclosed

A Longitudinal Analysis Linking Test Scores and Later Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Outcomes Among Cambodian Youth : Policy Note (Inglês)

Outro estudo sobre educação 136507 OCT 30, 2016

Huang,Haijing; Filmer,Deon P.; Fukao,Tsuyoshi Disclosed

Trends and Linkages in Schooling and Work Among Cambodian Youth : A Synthetic Panel Analysis - Policy Note (Inglês)

Outro estudo sobre educação 136508 OCT 30, 2016

Huang,Haijing; Filmer,Deon P. Disclosed