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Somalia - Social protection : stocktaking of evidence for a social protection policy and framework (Inglês)

This note provides an assessment of the existing social protection framework in Somalia that could support the formulation of a national level social protection framework. ... Exibir mais +

Report 128009 JUN 29, 2018

Naqvi,Maniza B.; Leydier,Beatrice; Majoka,Zaineb Disclosed

Somalia - Social protection : summary of activities funded by the rapid social response trust fund : Somalia Summary of Activities Funded by the Rapid Social Response Trust Fund TF0A3246 (Inglês)

This note summarizes the work carried out under the Rapid social response (RSR) trust fund which is linked to the Bank activity for Somalia social protection. ... Exibir mais +

Report 128016 JUN 29, 2018


Remittances and vulnerability in Somalia : assessing sources, uses and delivery mechanisms (Inglês)

This study presents the findings of a World Bank funded research on remittances and vulnerability in Somalia. The study is implemented by the Rift Valley Institute (RVI) and is part of the World Bank’s work related to social protection in Somalia. ... Exibir mais +

Report 128010 NOV 01, 2017

Hassan,Shamsa; Abdirahman,Khalif; Majid,Nisar Disclosed