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Myanamar - Empowering people for inclusive growth : Performance and Learning Review of the Country Partnership Strategy for the period of FY15-FY17 (Inglês)

The Myanmar Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for FYI 5-17, discussed at a Board meeting on April 23, 2015, is the WBG's first full country strategy for Myanmar in over 30 years. ... Exibir mais +

Documento sobre Estratégias de Assistência ao País 119790 AUG 01, 2017


Myanmar - Performance and learning review : information notice (Inglês)

Information Notice 116545 JUN 23, 2017


Myanmar - Performance and learning review of the country partnership framework for the period FY15-FY17 (Inglês)

This Performance and Learning Review (PLR), originally planned in FY16, has been prepared during FY17, in order to provide an opportunity to review and discuss Myanmar's evolving development challenges and opportunities and the World Bank Group (WBG) program fully with the new government. ... Exibir mais +

115306 JUN 02, 2017