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Official Documents- Financing Agreement for Credit 6425-CV (Closing Package) (Inglês)

Acordo de Financiamento JUN 06, 2019

LEGKL Disclosed

Cabo Verde - First State-Owned Enterprises Reform and Fiscal Management Development Policy Financing Operation (Inglês)

This Development Policy Financing (DPF) series is structured around two interrelated pillars designed to: (i) reducing fiscal risks and (ii) It supports decisive and difficult reforms aimed at repositioning the role of the state in the economy while addressing the overarching binding constraint of connectivity, as identified in the 2018 Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD). ... Exibir mais +

Documento sobre o programa 125185 MAY 08, 2019


Official Documents- Letter of Development Policy for Credit 6425-CV (Closing Package) (Inglês)

Carta de política de desenvolvimento APR 02, 2019

LEGKL Disclosed

Cabo Verde - First Development Policy Financing on Fiscal Management and Growth (Inglês)

Documento sobre Informação relacionada com o programa 126765 APR 26, 2018