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Bhutan's Integration with the Global Economy : International Investment Treaties and Conventions (Inglês)

In this context, Bhutan can become wealthier through accelerating both domestic and foreign investment, as well as signing investment treaties. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139986 JUN 29, 2019

Zafar,Ali; Mattoo,Aaditya; Echandi,Roberto Disclosed

Bhutan Policy Notes : Investment Climate Reforms (Inglês)

Bhutan’s investment climate is primarily constrained by imperfections in factor markets, limited access to product markets, and state dominance. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139985 JUN 29, 2019


Bhutan’s Business Infrastructure Policy and Industrial Parks (Inglês)

Between 2010 and 2018, Bhutan’s economic performance in the real growth of gross domestic product (GDP) was respectable, averaging more than 5 percent a year. ... Exibir mais +

Report 139984 JUN 29, 2019

Engman,Michael Olavi; Zafar,Ali Disclosed

Bhutan - Developing CSI Firms : Policy Notes (Inglês)

In recent years, the government of Bhutan has been placing increasing emphasis on cottage and small industry (CSI) development. It has been revising the 2012 CSI policy to provide strong support for the growing sector. ... Exibir mais +

Report 140009 JUN 01, 2019


Bhutan - Doing Business Reform : Policy Notes (Inglês)

Bhutan has been reforming its doing business environment in recent years as part of a policy shift to improving its investment climate and economic performance.Overall, it is ranked 75 out of 190 countries and is the highest ranked country in the South Asia region, significantly outperforming Bangladesh and Pakistan. ... Exibir mais +

Report 140007 JUN 01, 2019


Bhutan - Attracting Foreign Direct Investment : Policy Notes (Inglês)

Report 140005 JUN 01, 2019