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Job dynamics in Albania : a note profiling Albania's labor market (Inglês)

This note provides a brief, updated analysis of jobs dynamics in Albania, providing insights into where constraints to improving jobs outcomes remain and opportunities for addressing such challenges. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 127217 MAY 01, 2018

Johansson De Silva,Sara; Kupets,Olga; Honorati,Maddalena; Berger,Sara Disclosed

The Albania national employment service functional review : an overview (Inglês)

Albania’s labor markets improved between 2014 and 2016 where more people than before found jobs and unemployment rates fell. However, many challenges remain to channel the jobless into jobs. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 127218 MAY 01, 2018

Honorati,Maddalena; n de Silva,Sara Johansso Disclosed