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2003 - 2008

This is a newsletter from the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP), a multi-donor partnership, supporting poor people in obtaining affordable, safe, and sustainable access to water and sanitation services. Caudal highlights works and lessons learned of various institutions working in the areas of water and sanitation, health, education and environment of Bolivia.

Issues in Spanish only.

Frequency:    Irregular


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Caudal (8) (Espanhol)

On the occasion of Global Hand-washing Day, this issue of the Revista Caudal displays a set of efforts undertaken by various institutions to implement the theme of Laundering Hands with Soap as a way of hygiene, good health and wellness. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 72149 OCT 01, 2008


Caudal (7) (Espanhol)

In this issue : Editorial - towards the goals of sanitation; international sanitation year; some papers from LATINOSAN 2007; essays and studies; testimonies from local periurban operators; events; notes and notices; recent publications; web pages. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 72230 JUN 01, 2008


Caudal (6) (Espanhol)

Highlighted in this issue of Caudal: Challenges of water and sanitation services in the Amazon basin; Provision of water services, sanitation and hygiene for low income urban communities in Medellin, Colombia; Reflection on urban growth; Experience of the "Water Tuya" program of Cochabamba; An innovative approach to sustainable water management; and Institutional strengthening program for the management of prefectures. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 44500 JAN 01, 2008


Caudal (5) (Espanhol)

Highlighted in this issue of Caudal: notes and news -- proposals of the health sector to the Constituent Assembly; lessons learned -- the changes in regulation to improve services and universal access; essays (presentations) -- water and health in Bolivia, a social vision for water. ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 40401 MAR 01, 2007


Caudal (3) (Espanhol)

This issue contains the following articles: Agua y saneamiento: la importancia de la capacitación (PAS-LAC). Objetivos del Plan Bolivia en el sector agua y saneamiento (Viceministro de Agua y Saneamiento Básico). ... Exibir mais +

Boletim 31711 MAY 01, 2003