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Proactive transparency : the future of the right to information? A review of standards, challenges, and opportunities : Преглед на стандарди, предизвици и можности (Macedoniano)

This paper identifies four primary drivers of proactive disclosure throughout history. The first is the need to inform the public about laws and decisions and the public's right to be informed, to know their rights and obligations. ... Exibir mais +

Documento de Trabalho 56598 APR 25, 2016

Дарбишир,Хелен Inglês, Disclosed

Jordan - Country partnership framework : information notice : مذكرة إعلامية : إطار الشراكة مع البلد - الأردن (Árabe)

Information Notice 102759 JAN 14, 2016

Árabe, Inglês Disclosed

Nigeria - Fadama Information and Knowledge Services (Inglês)

The development objective of the Fadama Information and Knowledge Services Project for Nigeria is to establish sustainable, Fadama information, knowledge and business advisory services centers (FIKS) to increase farm productivity and rural household incomes in the poorest sections of the Fadama community in Cross River, Lagos, Sokoto and Yobe states over a four year period using a variety of information and communication technologies. ... Exibir mais +

Proposta de financiamento 123318 JAN 01, 2010