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Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Papua New Guinea COVID-19 Emergency Response Additional Financing - P174717 (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Papua New Guinea,

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Papua New Guinea COVID-19 Emergency Response Additional Financing - P174717

  • Keywords

    stakeholder engagement; Health Workers; health institution; female-headed household; social media; access to health service; test facility; people with disability; Infection Prevention and Control; vulnerable group; awareness-raising activities; Environmental and Social Performance; community engagement; medical condition; infected people; consultations with stakeholders; information and communication; health care facilities; health care facility; channels of communication; personal protective equipment; Waste Management; national security concern; response to crisis; means of communication; public health programs; adequate medical care; operational planning; state of emergency; waste management plan; reallocation of fund; public information disclosure; appropriate mitigation measures; private sector partner; international development partner; risk of transmission; health workers management; awareness raising activity; nature of information; basic hygiene practice; community health worker; Public Health Emergency; local church group; personal hygiene promotion; active case detection; Health System Strengthening; municipal waste collection; grievance redress mechanism; capacity building support; behavior change interventions; person with disability; infected individuals; health facility; national emergency; Infectious Disease; educational institution; online channels; vaccine delivery; video screen; online platform; outreach activity; health centre; community level; ethnic group; risk communication; informed participation; consultation process; dedicated phone; social impact; vulnerable individual; social distance; press release; pregnant woman; community representative; in school; prevention messages; information materials; communication strategy; health systems; hand hygiene; health communication; primary care; local population; health awareness; health expert; hospital administrator; cultural sensitivities; corrective action; health condition; direct communication; mobile communication; youth group; grievance mechanism; management function; personal data; local entities; procurement procedure; disbursement arrangement; community participation; operational systems; funds flow; washing hand; community mobilization; accounting procedure; organizational structure; response activity; community perspective; public official; citizen engagement; public engagement; pending issues; grievance management; significant harm; social interaction; virus transmission; public hearing; community meetings; smaller group; preventive action; institutional stakeholders; legal recourse; language barrier; judicial proceeding; broader community; media outlet; Natural Resources; government units; prevention of behaviors; religious institution; stakeholder participation; newspaper advertisement; radio shows; religious framework; medical facility; traditional communication; traditional community; rapid assessment; government structure; human relation; social constraint; interpersonal communication; dominant group; fact sheet; mild symptoms; management capacity; protective measure; test management; public concern; delivery strategy; community management; nursing school; operational method; prevention materials; community family; staff capacity; awareness campaign; media channels; activity budget; Broadcast Media; print media; management responsibility; stakeholder consultation; telephone call; formative research; culturally sensitive; affected population; peer educator; family communication; financial insecurity; particular sensitivity; medical treatment; Mobility Impairment; large print; health status; border crossing; living condition; education material; evaluation activity; response effort; indigenous communities; community for use; behaviour change; train activity; readiness assessment; reporting requirement; early detection; support measure; main contractor; pandemic preparedness; public authority; national system; real time; lesson learning



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Borrowing Agency

Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Papua New Guinea COVID-19 Emergency Response Additional Financing - P174717 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.