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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Benin Electricity Access Scale-up (BEAS) Project - P173749 (English)


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    Rakotondramanana,Miarintsoa Vonjy

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    Project Information Document

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Benin Electricity Access Scale-up (BEAS) Project - P173749

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    Norwegian Agency for Development; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; Access to Electricity; access to energy service; access to electricity service; female-headed household; geographical distribution of resource; vulnerability to climate change; effect of climate change; vulnerability to natural disasters; high population growth rate; efficient use of electricity; education and health; Social Safety Nets; electricity distribution network; demand for electricity; rural area; allocation of resource; health care capacity; disbursement linked indicators; solar thermal energy; partial risk guarantee; number of connections; transmission system operator; access to finance; high opportunity cost; deficiency in quality; tax revenue collection; provision of energy; quality of infrastructure; domestic revenue mobilization; per capita term; low poverty rate; electric power generation; male-headed one; modern energy service; consumer education campaign; Investment Project Financing; procurement of materials; global economic prospect; IS Building; independent power producer; human development index; low cost technology; high population density; sources of fund; investment in electricity; international commodity price; adverse weather conditions; quality of delivery; support policy; electrification plan; energy access; electricity sector; electricity connection; electricity access; Energy Sector; real gdp; Public Facilities; investment program; connection fee; investment cost; electrification program; national electrification; mitigation measure; increased access; financial viability; border closure; Gender Equality; grid connection; safety measure; grid extension; business opportunity; poor household; public expenditure; Energy Poverty; Grid Electrification; solar generation; best practice; construction work; lower rate; supply capacity; electrification fund; capacity constraint; base case; city districts; peak demand; regulatory area; transmission line; electricity import; generation capacity; public finance; business enterprise; household connection; administrative center; private investment; technical standard; illegal connection; household consumption; public resource; organizational structure; Equal Opportunity; government priority; operational capacity; rural population; coastal city; urban population; sensitivity analysis; new connections; demand growth; poverty incidence; health clinics; energy strategies; rural locality; budget deficit; electrification scheme; concessional finance; systematic measurement; expansion plan; cost study; future investment; regulatory procedure; baseline projection; resilient infrastructure; grid densification; management performance; large consumer; utility company; utility distribution; financial stress; global adaptation; installation work; procurement procedure; energy need; small hydropower; national grid; solar system; local market; least cost; digital technology; medium voltage; grid expansion; collect firewood; capital asset; low density; kerosene lighting; electrical connection; human capital; grid electricity; network infrastructure; electricity infrastructure; low rate; active participation; off-grid electrification; electricity network; Financing programmes; connected users; development partner; high energy; rising demand; global effort; transport company; energy import; connection charge; agricultural activity; transmission and distribution system; electrification strategy; gender aspect; rural parts; electricity grid; capacity addition; grid activity; infrastructure financing; qualified bidder; power line; clear definition; tariff revenue; institutional strengthening; financial market; procurement process; informal sector; new job; domestic crisis; gender analysis; gender action; healthcare system; global pandemic; consumer awareness; external deficit; porous borders; capacity strengthening; organizational arrangement; land border; cashew nut



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Rakotondramanana,Miarintsoa Vonjy

Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Benin Electricity Access Scale-up (BEAS) Project - P173749 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.