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Bosnia and Herzegovina - Avian Influenza Preparedness Project : environmental assessment (English)

The primary potential risks for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Avian Influenza Preparedness Project can be grouped into three categories: (a) Inadvertent human exposure and spread of the virus due to: improper culling and disposal of dead birds (wild birds, sick and dead birds from backyard and commercial poultries); lack of, or improper use of personal protection equipment (PPE); improper disposal of farm waste (i.e., bedding, manure, washings, etc. during and/or after an outbreak); and inadequate lab biosafety protocols. (b) Inadvertent release of chemicals in the environment from unsatisfactory decontamination procedures (for personnel, poultry sheds, and transport vehicles, etc.). (c) Release of chemicals and infectious agents into the environment from inadequate laboratory and medical facility waste management. The mitigation measures for the animal and health components are generally given as: disposal of infected materials (siting and digging burial pits, using quicklime to prevent earthworms from bringing up contaminated material, considering other options such as cremation, incineration, pit burning, and rendering); use of the least toxic disinfectants necessary; and strengthening laboratory waste management (containment of pathogenic agents, access control, release solely of disinfected and harmless agents, along with developing lab manuals). One of the major environmental impacts arising within the human health segment is proper waste and bedding management, personal protective equipment, and control of viral agents. Since the human health component will focus on a number of staff-trainings, capacity building, and practice drills, most of the environmental impacts can be overcome by addressing them during the training and drills, and establishing friendly waste-management procedures. The EA report further proposes monitoring activities and responsible institutions for monitoring, where the local acting authorities would implement the mitigation measures, while the state-level authorities would be informed of such measures, and would be provided reports on activities for control and containment of Avian Influenza, along with environmental mitigation measures conducted.


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    Bosnia and Herzegovina - Avian Influenza Preparedness Project : environmental assessment

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