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The distribution of consumption expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa : the inequality among all Africans (English)

This paper uses a set of national household surveys to study the regional Sub-Saharan Africa distribution of consumption expenditure among individuals during 1993 to 2008. The analysis puts the disparities in living standards that exist among persons in Africa into context with the disparities that exist within and between African countries. Regional interpersonal inequality has increased (from a Gini index of 52 percent in 1993 to 56 percent in 2008), driven by increasing disparities in living standards across countries, while there has been no systematic increase in within-country inequality. For the African distribution as a whole, growth of consumption expenditure (from household surveys) has been low (around 1 percent per year). This growth has been uneven and as a result the richest 5 percent of Africans received around 40 percent of the total gains, while the bottom third stagnated.


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    Jirasavetakul,La-Bhus Fah, Lakner,Christoph

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    Policy Research Working Paper

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    The distribution of consumption expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa : the inequality among all Africans

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    Poverty and Equity;marginal propensity to consume;average per capita consumption;distribution of consumption;measure of inequality;household survey;national household survey;country of residence;social welfare function;consumption expenditure;household survey data;per capita income;increase in inequality;economies of scale;household living standard;scale of consumption;representative household surveys;gross national income;inequality between country;purchasing power parity;inequality in income;expenditure per capita;inequality between groups;natural resource rent;cumulative distribution function;equality of distribution;global poverty estimates;global poverty measurement;regional distribution;regional inequality;regional population;average consumption;robustness check;inequality measure;exchange rate;Fragile Countries;Exchange Rates;incidence curve;national account;population share;consumption survey;increasing inequality;annual consumption;income share;relative gain;household consumption;african population;summary statistic;resource-rich country;horizontal axis;total inequality;income growth;fragile states;consumption growth;Learning and Innovation Credit;conversion factor;intermediate benchmark;national boundary;population size;standard error;global inequality;average inequality;dominance result;inflation rate;survey methodology;alternative measure;domestic price;small population;spatial price;low-income household;consumption inequality;linear scale;residual inequality;inequality change;small country;development policy;private consumption;regional pattern;welfare indicator;regional median;country classification;parametric distribution;richer countries;household income;migration flow;Land Ownership;unequal country;important component;consumption level;increasing share;welfare aggregate;open access;household level;consumption measure;income convergence;raw data;country rating;aggregate data;global context;data preparation;poverty headcount;regional poverty;Natural Resources;positive growth;global distribution;welfare measure;net aid;stochastic dominance;base year;decreasing inequality;logarithmic scale;negative value;total consumption;individual welfare;research department;empirical evidence;income decline;country-year distribution;income inequality;global income;consumption distribution;



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Jirasavetakul,La-Bhus Fah Lakner,Christoph

The distribution of consumption expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa : the inequality among all Africans (English). Policy Research working paper,no. WPS 7557 Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.