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Democracy, market economics and development - an Asian perspective (Vietnamese)

The book contains a selection of papers presented at the Conference on Democracy, Market Economy, and Development, whose objective was to examine the extent of which democracy is important to the achievement of sustainable development. While it is widely accepted that economic freedom, as ensured broadly by the operation of the economy according to market, or laissez-faire principles, is a critical determinant of development, the role of political freedom, as ensured broadly by the practice of democracy, is less well understood. The papers focus largely on the experience of East Asia in recent years, featuring: democracy and the market economy, emphasizing both politics, and economics as essential to improve the lives of citizens; democracy and social justice, as intrinsic to development, arguing that rights and liberties are best conveyed by the democratic system of governance; participation, as fundamental to democracy and development, for it is the practice of democracy that is most critical to the long-term sustainability of development; liberal participatory democracy, as instrumental to prod sustainable economic reforms, by ensuring the legitimacy of reform efforts. Notably, the preconditions that participatory democracy requires in order to fully support reforms, are discussed, with supporting evidence from experiences in Latin America, and Asia; and, political and economic institutions of Asia, and the West, as set to converge, despite inconclusive debates on Asian values.


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    Igbal, Farrukh Jong-Il You [editors] Kim Dae-jung Sen, Amartya Minxin Pei Stiglitz, Joseph Ha-sung Jang Douglas, William A. Kuniko Inoguchi Haggard, Stephan Fukuyama, Francis Jong-jeun You

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    Republic of, East Asia and Pacific

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Democracy, market economics and development - an Asian perspective

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    early stage of development;civil and political right;legal and regulatory framework;Freedom of Information Act;market economy;Check and Balances;Rule of Law;practice of democracy;world trade organization;lack of transparency;degree of autonomy;Merger and Acquisitions;open financial market;inefficient financial sector;corporate governance mechanism;delegation of power;public sector performance;sustainability of development;high growth rate;process of development;development of society;interests of shareholder;Labor Market Flexibility;quality of investment;measure of democracy;democratic political system;good corporate governance;protection of investor;rapid economic development;educational classroom use;exercise of power;global economic crisis;rise and fall;equality of opportunity;Labor market rigidities;labor market rigidity;building social capital;exchange of information;health care provision;market economics;participatory democracy;financial crisis;income growth;economic freedom;reform measure;economic reform;interest group;democratic system;prudential regulation;civil right;civil rights;corporate sector;political incentive;good governance;transparent rule;public resource;economic institution;world economy;democratic institution;civil liberty;democratic development;agency problem;external force;legal measure;Economic Policy;political institution;moral hazard;currency crisis;authoritarian rule;democratic process;world war;lifetime employment;adjustment program;financial system;political governance;regulatory failure;political liberty;broad agreement;financial industry;cultural systems;public involvement;national boundary;civil society;minority shareholder;private initiative;national reform;market distortion;public official;financial structure;corporate culture;reform process;global market;institutional change;gradual process;private citizens;political preference;individual life;market mechanism;contemporary world;social justice;institutional form;democratic practice;public policy;individual nation;national economy;civil governance;global economy;globalized economy;Transport Technologies;social repercussions;fundamental changes;paradigm shift;economic justice;social security;Social Conflict;competitive elements;human history;human species;academic credential;Legal responsibility;efficient management;entry barrier;endemic problems;annual salary;bonus system;incentive program;public action;unemployed worker;government regulation;Social Welfare;labor activity;political participation;reemployment program;individual right;standard practice;legal protection;global standard;Labor Union;social reform;child-care service;empirical level;illegal activities;finance reform;structural adjustment;representative institutions;independent body;finance company;policy space;parliamentary oversight;public comment;finance minister;political corruption;equitable development;competitive market;active participation;individual freedom;vested interests;bank closure;financial interest;public ownership;participatory approach;authoritarian governments;representative democracy;reform strategy;credit culture;business corporation;credit flow;public welfare;negative externality;large corporation;adverse consequence;majority rule;uncensored distribution;political power;average citizen;legal entitlement;education level;political reform;middle class;income security;civil freedoms;freedom from;democratic governance;mass illiteracy;gender bias;empirical work;positive correlation;organizational support;political freedom;democratic politics;human rights;reform effort;democratic environment;financial matter;political parties;political party;democratic policy;social consensus;broad consensus;development paradigm;positive impact;empirical analysis;cultural value;empirical evidence;political repression;market orientation;basic value;scarce resource;participatory form;institutional weakness;cultural characteristics;cultural factor;short period;restructuring process



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Igbal, Farrukh Jong-Il You [editors] Kim Dae-jung Sen, Amartya Minxin Pei Stiglitz, Joseph Ha-sung Jang Douglas, William A. Kuniko Inoguchi Haggard, Stephan Fukuyama, Francis Jong-jeun You

Democracy, market economics and development - an Asian perspective (Vietnamese). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.