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Energy, economic growth, and poverty reduction : a literature review (Vol. 2) : Assessment of energy poverty papers (English)

The objective of this paper is to help project teams better articulate the link between their projects and the World Bank Group's twin corporate goals of reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Based on an extensive literature review, this report examines what type of empirical evidence exists to support linking the project interventions to the twin goals. There are many studies citing a strong link between energy, economic growth, and poverty reduction. However, not all of them are robust, and not distinguishing robust studies from flawed ones risks making exaggerated or inaccurate claims about the benefits of an energy project. The detailed review of the published studies contained in this report is intended to point teams to reliable studies and caution against citing results from studies with serious methodological or data problems. This overview chapter summarizes the findings of the study. Because many studies employed advanced econometric techniques, and because methodological flaws found in many studies invalidate their findings, the rigor of methodological approaches is discussed in some detail in the chapters that follow. Annex one, which treats these methodological issues, should ideally be read before proceeding to the next four chapters. Each of chapters two–five begins with a summary, followed by a table of the main results of the key studies and their strengths and weaknesses, more detailed discussion of the reviewed studies, and an assessment. Each chapter can be read as a stand-alone chapter. Chapters two–five can be highly technical in some places. The intention is to serve as a reference for teams wishing to find out more about the studies and their findings, as well as explain why some studies cannot be used to explain the link between energy and economic outcomes.




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Bacon,Robert W. Kojima,Masami

Energy, economic growth, and poverty reduction : a literature review (Vol. 2) : Assessment of energy poverty papers (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.