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China - Third Energy Efficiency Financing Project : resettlement policy framework (English)

The Third Energy Efficiency Financing Project will support the government's priority energy conservation programs in the industrial and building sectors. Industrial investments will include the full spectrum of small, medium, and large scale enterprises. The World Bank's OP 4.12 establishes several key principles to be followed in resettlement planning and implementation. Of particular relevance for this resettlement policy framework are the following: 1) wherever possible, project designs and resettlement plans should be conceived as development opportunities, so that displaced persons may benefit from the services and facilities created for, or by, project activities; 2) all displaced persons are entitled to compensation for lost assets, or to alternative but equivalent forms of assistance in lieu of compensation; lack of legal rights to the assets lost will not bar displaced persons from entitlement to such compensation or alternative forms of assistance; 3) compensation rates as established in a RP refer to amounts to be paid in full to the individual or collective owner of the lost asset, without depreciation or deduction for taxes, fees or any other purpose; 4) when cultivated land is acquired, effort should be made to provide land-for-land replacement; 5) replacement house plots, sites for relocating businesses, or replacement agricultural land should be of equivalent use value to the land that was lost; 6) the resettlement transition period should be minimized. Compensation for assets should be paid prior to the time of impact, so that new houses can be constructed, fixed assets can be removed or replaced, and other necessary mitigation measures can be undertaken prior to actual displacement; 7) displaced persons are to receive support (direct assistance or allowances) to meet moving expenses or for temporary subsistence until they can resume productive activities; and 8) methods by which displaced persons can pursue grievances will be established, and information about grievance procedures will be provided to displaced persons.




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China - Third Energy Efficiency Financing Project : resettlement policy framework (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.