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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Kiribati Health Systems Strengthening Project - P176306 (English)


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    Workie,Netsanet Walelign

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    Project Information Document

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Kiribati Health Systems Strengthening Project - P176306

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    Outer Islands; health facility; Infection Prevention and Control; Environmental and Social Management Framework; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; quality health care; quality of health care; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; lower level of education; maternal and child health; nutritional status of child; primary health care services; healthcare waste management; Health Workers; health seeking behavior; Gender-Based Violence; extreme poverty line; Health Care Waste; health systems; construction activities; Health Service; neglected tropical diseases; public health problem; movement of people; Sexually Transmitted Infection; gross domestic product; poor water quality; health sector performance; road construction activity; health information system; public health response; human resource management; response to crisis; health care facility; social risk assessment; Water and Energy; Health System Strengthening; public health facility; global supply chain; point of departure; information communication technology; reallocation of fund; poor sanitary conditions; potential for harm; basic health care; accessing health services; chronic respiratory disease; health service provision; nurses and midwives; hazardous waste management; child mortality rate; waste management plan; exclusive economic zone; low poverty gap; human development outcome; Investment Project Financing; resettlement action plan; sovereign wealth fund; level of consumption; extent of poverty; vulnerable group; medical supply; emergency response; fishing license; natural disaster; health care facilities; public revenue; diagnostic services; health clinics; Natural Resources; health infrastructure; external partner; equitable access; brownfield site; development partner; poor health; shelf life; Population Density; Public Facilities; dispersed population; village clinic; non-governmental organization; harmonized list; disease outbreak; intermediate indicator; operational risk; body fluid; water use; living arrangement; cigarette smoking; Gender Gap; investment income; adult population; Alcohol Consumption; mental illness; primary service; support system; telecommunication service; free access; significant threat; social disruption; general population; healthy society; hydrocarbon spills; geographic location; clinical staff; stock management; service coverage; case notifications; project finance; hand sanitizer; good health; construction work; family clinic; case management; ongoing work; stakeholder engagement; Sanitation Services; patient monitoring; land area; aid flow; respiratory health; subsistence agriculture; physical work; professional development; social practice; safe water; labor management; social tension; older citizen; response effort; district hospital; civil works; institutional context; referral system; operational research; unequal distribution; environmental benefit; managing risk; financing instrument; island environments; social inclusion; health objectives; road condition; global initiative; sea level; healthy lifestyle; project's management; fishing sector; generally well; human capital; social impact; measuring poverty; remote area; outreach program; cargo ship; fishing vessel; foreign fishing; early detection; surveillance system; response measure; need assessment; maternal death; cash economy; living standard; health issue; recent years; labor influx; poor household; equipment standard; migration pattern; referral service; immunization rate; vaccination program; land acquisition; measles immunization; land access; road upgrade; mitigation measure; communications equipment; prevention effort; sea transport; road safety; environmental risk; geographical distribution; health status; health outcome; small country; construction material; in poverty; Advisory services



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Workie,Netsanet Walelign

Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Kiribati Health Systems Strengthening Project - P176306 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.