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Chile - Sustainable Land Management Project : Chile - Proyecto de Manejo Sustentable de la Tierra (Spanish)


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    Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Latin America & Caribbean,

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    Chile - Proyecto de Manejo Sustentable de la Tierra

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    Access to Information, adverse impacts, Afforestation, Agricultural communities, agricultural lands, agricultural production, Agriculture, altitude, amphibians, aquatic habitats, arable lands, audits, basins, best management practices, Biodiversity, biodiversity conservation, biodiversity protection, Biodiversity Strategy, biological richness, Biomass, Biosphere, Biosphere Reserve, birds, Carbon Dioxide, carbon monitoring, Carbon Sinks, CL, Classification, Clean Development Mechanism, Climate, Climate Change, climate change mitigation, climate conditions, climatic variations, Co, collateral data, combating land degradation, Community Forestry, Conservation, conservation efforts, crop residues, crops, cultivated lands, Dams, Data Collection, data sources, decision making, Deforestation, degraded agricultural lands, degraded areas, Degraded Lands, Desertification, developed countries, ditches, drought, droughts, ecological zones, economic analysis, economic growth, Ecosystem, ecosystem integrity, ecosystem protection, ecosystem restoration, Ecosystem Services, ecosystems, Emission, Emissions, Environmental, Environmental Assessment, environmental conditions, environmental education, Environmental Impact, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management, Environmental Objective, Environmental Objectives, Environmental Protection, environmental sustainability, erosion, exotic species, Expenditures, farms, fertilization, fisheries, fishing, food production, Forest, Forest area, forest areas, forest carbon, Forest Carbon Sequestration, forest carbon stocks, Forest Certification, Forest Certification Program, Forest Conservation, forest cover, forest Degradation, forest fragmentation, forest land, forest management, forest producers, forest resources, Forest Restoration, forest sector, Forest Stewardship, Forest users, Forestry, Forestry Development, forestry law, forestry practices, Forestry Projects, forestry sector, Forests, geographic regions, GHG, GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT FACILITY, global environmental benefits, grasslands, Greenhouse, Greenhouse Gas, Habitats, human activities, Indigenous Peoples, invasive species, land acquisition, Land administration, Land area, land cover, Land Degradation, land holdings, LAND MANAGEMENT, Land Use, land use practices, land uses, Land-Use, Land-Use Change, land-use planning, landscape, landscape level, landscape planning, logging, MITIGATION, MMA, National Forestry, National resources, native species, natural forests, Natural Habitats, natural regeneration, natural resource, natural resource base, natural resources, natural resources management, overgrazing, plantation, Plantations, planting, policy makers, pp, producers, public awareness, quality control, rainfall, Rainforest, rainforests, reforestation, regeneration, regional land-use, resource use, restoration, rural communities, Soil conservation practices, soil erosion, soils, storm events, Sustainable Development, sustainable forest, sustainable forest management, SUSTAINABLE LAND, SUSTAINABLE LAND MANAGEMENT, sustainable livelihoods, sustainable management, Sustainable Natural Resource Management, sustainable production, sustainable use, Timber, vegetative cover, water quality, watersheds, Waterways, wetland, wetlands, Wildlife, woody species



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Chile - Sustainable Land Management Project : Chile - Proyecto de Manejo Sustentable de la Tierra (Spanish). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.