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Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Nigeria COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Project (P173980) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Plan

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    Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Nigeria COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Project (P173980)

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    legal and regulatory framework; water supply and sanitation utility; medical waste; hazardous waste management; Infection Prevention and Control; Food and Drug Administration; health management information systems; Occupational health and safety; federal government of nigeria; Integrated Pest Management; safe management; water and sanitation utility; incident management system; participatory monitoring and evaluation; solid waste management strategy; medical waste management plan; national emergency; Health Care Waste; healthcare waste management; health care facility; infectious waste; Public Health Emergency; standard operating procedure; reallocation of fund; personal protective equipment; health care facilities; civil society actor; disposal of residues; water supply system; sanitation and hygiene; gender based violence; access to technology; assignment of responsibility; final disposal site; post exposure prophylaxis; capacity in place; human capacity development; treatment of waste; access to water; public health response; Ebola virus disease; disposal of liquids; infectious disease outbreak; safe water supply; emergency water supply; economies of scale; provision of energy; point of access; finance federal; global supply chain; disease surveillance system; Health System Strengthening; need for regulation; quantity of waste; needle and syringe; waste management facilities; air pollution abatement; point of production; hazardous solid waste; waste disposal facility; route of infection; unsafe injection practices; public health research; absence of sterilization; lack of control; law and regulation; environmental protection measures; hazardous waste treatment; national environmental; lines of responsibility; waste treatment technology; hazardous chemical waste; available water supply; municipal waste service; wastage of drugs; categories of waste; disbursement of fund; prevention of disease; support cost; case management; open burn; medical institutions; pharmaceutical waste; Vaccines; body fluid; response activity; public awareness; mitigation strategy; emergency support; epidemiological investigation; national health; health facility; social mobilization; Health Workers; safety boxes; injection equipment; heavy metal; logistics cost; legal provision; storage area; escort services; body parts; sustainable management; hazardous substance; disposal technology; disposal method; air emission; waste transport; healthcare institutions; radioactive waste; cytotoxic drugs; emergency response; primary concern; operational plan; operational reviews; social distance; water supplies; transfer system; early detection; mitigation activity; medical equipment; medical laboratories; health systems; best practice; stakeholder consultation; emergency operation; monitoring plan; subnational levels; Disease Control; government purchase; behavior change; risk communication; internal transport; emergency preparedness; logistical support; occupational exposure; program coordination; communication strategy; respiratory virus; community level; research facility; information dissemination; consultation strategy; need assessment; sound management; take time; disposal area; displaced person; burn waste; administrative level; virtual consultations; Virtual Meeting; transmission dynamic; routine monitoring; compensation scheme; legal fee; simulation exercise; medical supply; cold chain; health teams; operational expense; mobile clinic; hospital emergency; primary health; reference laboratory; personal protection; train activity; clinical care; domestic airport; material need; stakeholder engagement; calling cards; case investigation; test kit; epidemic threat; community support; community mobilization; communication preparedness; Water Services; financial constraint; vulnerable communities; vulnerable population; rapid assessment; Basic Sanitation; water global; water sanitation; regulation enforcement; psychosocial services; noxious substance



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Hazardous/non-Hazardous Waste Management Plan Nigeria COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Project (P173980) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.