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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Nepal Strategic Road Connectivity and Trade Improvement Project - P170409 (English)


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    Tadimalla,Sri Kumar

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    Project Information Document

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    South Asia,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Nepal Strategic Road Connectivity and Trade Improvement Project - P170409

  • Keywords

    Connectivity and Trade; road safety action plan; management of climate change; higher levels of motorization; cross-border movement of good; vulnerability to climate risks; cost of transport; border infrastructure; institutional strengthening; impact of disaster; road sector reform; prices of input; vehicles per day; rate of investment; cost of import; industry and manufacturing; road asset management; road safety audit; national road system; production of paddy; goods for export; enhancing market access; return on investment; daily traffic volume; climate change risk; number of road; identification of beneficiary; consignment of good; road sector expenditure; prices of import; cost of travel; economies of scale; cost of transportation; theory of change; vehicle registration fee; transfer of fund; road improvement works; safety of worker; regional cooperation initiatives; transport efficiency; consultancy service; regional connectivity; border crossing; capital expenditure; road injury; government spending; transport cost; trading partner; construction phase; priority corridor; Intra-regional Trade; International Trade; maintenance expenditure; physical infrastructure; road section; land border; traffic level; economic integration; transport route; highway corridor; additional revenue; contract structure; economic empowerment; increased trade; investment requirement; Programmatic Approach; expected growth; preparatory work; budget allocation; gap analysis; institutional framework; extreme precipitation; monsoon season; landlocked country; national budget; creating job; rural transportation infrastructure; social connectivity; Waste Management; eligibility criterion; River basin; mountainous area; port access; suspension bridge; infrastructure asset; environmental challenge; targeted intervention; investment planning; environmental risk; consumer goods; trade competitiveness; mule track; economic relation; rail link; institutional mechanism; customs check; high-priority corridor; Proposed Investment; official statistic; fuel levy; customs stations; adequate infrastructure; government structure; destination country; pesticide residue; laboratory facility; export market; national highway; gravel road; positive impact; national network; supply chain; crash barrier; capacity expansion; agricultural product; database system; capacity addition; cumbersome procedures; certification requirement; border points; trade flow; federal transfer; vegetable price; credit growth; land region; climbing lane; deposit ratio; facilitation payment; customs revenue; cumulative effect; trade balance; green growth; project operation; resource base; road corridor; political transition; road maintenance; trade volume; construction work; nepalese rupee; indian rupee; nominal anchor; fiscal balance; affected communities; federal government; informal consultation; project intervention; infrastructure design; poverty headcount; Job Creation; agricultural commodity; Gender Gap; trade disruption; gender assessment; high wage; government service; irrigation facility; transport service; gender analysis; agriculture sector; expenditure target; capital spending; stakeholder engagement; real growth; Resource Efficiency; multimodal transport; transit facility; labor influx; development partner; inland waterway; bank's knowledge; market price; development partnership; domestic product; dry port; institutional context; league table; significant factor; social issue; safe road; moving goods; institutional architecture; facilitating trade; clearance time; land acquisition; public expenditure; administrative procedure; national policy; regional context; gravity model; goods trade; increasing competitiveness; potential trade; negative externality; high tariff; nontariff measure; formal trade



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Tadimalla,Sri Kumar

Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Nepal Strategic Road Connectivity and Trade Improvement Project - P170409 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.