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Fiji - Transport Infrastructure Investment Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (English)

The Transport Infrastructure Investment Project for Fiji will improve the resilience and safety of land and maritime transport infrastructure for users of project roads, bridges and rural jetties and wharves. Based on experience with other similar projects, it can be anticipated that most of the impacts will be site-specific and can be readily mitigated, as the roads, bridges and jetties are already present and most works will be repair and/or reconstruction at their existing location, i.e. within existing transport corridors and structural footprints. Where replacement will provide a better, or is the only feasible, option, the new infrastructure may be sited alongside or at a nearby location better suited to its design and function. Land acquisition and associated issues, disturbance of cultural sites, and destruction of significant vegetation and habitats will not be significant issues in the majority of the sub-projects due to the rehabilitation type activities and of minor significance in the remainder, particularly as no environmental Category A sub-project will be eligible for financing under the project. The project will not fund complex sub-projects which have the potential to create significant social or environmental impacts.


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    Environmental and social management framework

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Fiji - Transport Infrastructure Investment Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social management framework (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.