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Resettlement Framework Inclusive Connectivity and Development Project (P176164) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Sri Lanka,

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    South Asia,

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    Resettlement Framework Inclusive Connectivity and Development Project (P176164)

  • Keywords

    Household Income and Expenditure Survey; Environmental and Social Management Framework; trafficking in persons; access to safe drinking water; source of drinking water; achievement of gender parity; community health and safety; access to higher education; gender gap in employment; legal and regulatory framework; gender-based discrimination; antenatal and postnatal care; Policy and Institutional Framework; Framework for Land Acquisition; access to health service; Demographic and Health Survey; legal age of marriage; grievance redress mechanism; acquisition of land; economically active population; resettlement action plan; payment of compensation; law and regulation; recovery of possession; Resettlement Policy Framework; rural road program; road maintenance activity; health care facilities; women in parliament; fair market value; reduction in travel; number of males; labor market participation; private sector management; transfer of title; cultural heritage site; higher educational institution; rapid economic development; health care facility; unit of entitlement; overall debt portfolio; mode of transport; Public Health Emergency; community base; distribution of population; low purchasing power; Access to Education; Access to Electricity; use of land; source of energy; depreciation of asset; efficient transport system; intimate partner violence; human development index; transport for all; decline in mortality; classes of road; resettlement and rehabilitation; social safeguard policy; infrastructure and services; million people; national regulatory framework; agriculture supply chains; amount of land; event of failure; cold storage facility; rural transportation infrastructure; rural transport infrastructure; Social Impact Assessment; land acquisition process; rehabilitation of facility; national poverty headcount; compensation at replacement; formation of women; road safety audit; public sector institution; analysis of alternatives; standard of living; impact of land; financing of road; construction work; state land; provincial road; rural community; resettlement planning; replacement cost; affected persons; Public Infrastructure; Gender Inequality; road sector; gender inequalities; private land; mitigation measure; ethnic group; economic sector; rural population; female population; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; sex ratio; paper mill; water tank; government land; road transport; secondary level; land use; involuntary resettlement; socio-economic status; social screening; Public Utilities; construction period; legal framework; income source; eligibility criterion; asset valuation; rural connectivity; existing law; national policy



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Borrowing Agency

Resettlement Framework Inclusive Connectivity and Development Project (P176164) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.