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Strengthening the private sector in IDA countries (English)

At the IDA14 meeting in Paris in February 2004, Deputies requested that private sector development (PSD) be one of the "special themes" that would be given in-depth treatment during the IDA14 Replenishment process. This paper responds to that request. It summarizes the WBG PSD strategy, provides an update on the implementation of the strategy in IDA countries, and suggests ways of moving the PSD agenda forward. In particular, it addresses issues related to IDA'S support for better investment climate and regulatory environment, increased attention to Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development, development of public-private partnerships especially with respect to provision o f infrastructure, and enrichment of relationships between IDA, IFC and MIGA. This paper is structured as follows. Sections 1I.A and 1I.B summarize the 2002 PSD strategy and the main shifts in focus in the PSD agenda respectively. Section 1II provides an update on the implementation o f the PSD strategy in IDA countries by the WBG during FY02-04. Within this, Section 1II.A describes the diagnostic instruments used by the Bank to assess the investment climate in client countries. It also describes how this diagnostic work is informing better government-business dialogue and how it forms the basis for results-based monitoring in IDA countries. Section 1II.B describes how the PSD agenda is pursued at the country strategy level as well as in lending operations. It summarizes progress in implementation on key proposals of the PSD strategy and also outlines areas of collaboration with the IFC, most notably on private provision of infrastructure and S M E development. Section 1II.C describes the Bank's efforts towards collaborating, building partnerships and sharing knowledge with other development partners and client countries. Section IV suggests ways of moving the PSD agenda forward.


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    Strengthening the private sector in IDA countries

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Strengthening the private sector in IDA countries (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.