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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Pakistan Goes Global: An Initiative for a Global Technology-Driven Pakistan - P170271 (English)


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    Varela,Gonzalo J.

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    Project Information Document

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    South Asia,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Pakistan Goes Global: An Initiative for a Global Technology-Driven Pakistan - P170271

  • Keywords

    trade and investment; lack of transparency and accountability; regional and global value chains; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; monitoring and evaluation system; investment policy and promotion; total factor productivity growth; international good practice; current account deficit; investment policy framework; lack of integration; investment promotion strategy; quality of investment; international oil price; duty drawback; information on market; international market place; introducing new products; source of financing; private investment rate; domestic demand growth; energy sector inefficiency; provision of information; export promotion agency; design of policy; increasing income inequality; aggregate productivity growth; national quality infrastructure; trade and competitiveness; effective service delivery; lack of competition; investment promotion function; share of investment; private sector demand; perception of security; export market; small and medium enterprise; direct expenditure; Trade Policy; Trade Policies; trade deficit; fiscal deficit; making integration; international buyers; high tariff; global marketplace; support system; gap analysis; export competitiveness; SME policy; increasing transparency; import tariff; foreign investor; export growth; trade relationship; reform actions; apparel export; export orientation; investment cost; perceived risk; import intermediates; federal level; provincial boundaries; legal framework; tariff escalation; product variety; geographical coverage; SME support; expenditure program; household income; women entrepreneurship; business hub; subsidy scheme; target beneficiary; government fund; Legal Services; regional centres; increased integration; sunset clause; trade opportunity; annual budget; incentive scheme; production network; public support; export shipments; transparency mechanism; trade costs; export capability; benchmarking exercise; effective systems; regulatory duty; international competition; intermediate input; reduce trade; imported inputs; world price; access duty; evaluation framework; overseas markets; real income; global poverty; regulatory implication; tax remission; business support; regulatory governance; irreversible investment; extreme poverty; focus group; provincial authority; global supply; empirical evidence; institutional model; flat rate; rural area; Job Creation; managerial practice; pricing scheme; regulatory measure; business model; commercial management; bilateral debt; financing source; exporting firms; waste management policy; domestic revenue; public debt; global investor; tariff dispersion; trade integration; macroeconomic environment; long-term competitiveness; world market; tariff reform; world trade; export share; product level; comparative advantage; domestic seller; civil works; import growth; export performance; economic expansion; geographical disparity; monetary policy; net export; macroeconomic condition; fiscal management; baseline scenario; intelligence service; security risk; certification standard; currency depreciation; multifaceted nature; export flow; global experience; export business; firm level; international investor; live animal; seed capital; export sector; export good; aggregate demand; working condition; development path; social indicator; independent nation; public fund; Thought Leadership; stakeholder consultation; increased transparency; synthetic material; knowledge content; import competition; import good; world exports; synthetic fiber; government action; quality good; apparel sector; high performance; technological sophistication; international standard; protective gear



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Varela,Gonzalo J.

Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Pakistan Goes Global: An Initiative for a Global Technology-Driven Pakistan - P170271 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.