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Haiti - Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction Project : Haiti - Projet de Reconstruction et de Gestion des Risques de Catastrophe (French)

The objective of the Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction Project for Haiti is to support the Recipient in improving disaster response capacity and enhance the resiliency of critical transport infrastructure. Project has five components. First component, natural hazard risk assessment and analysis, will strengthen the institutional capacity of the implementing Line Ministries to incorporate natural hazard risks into development planning and collection of disaster risk data under a technical assistance program. Second component, support to disaster preparedness and emergency response, will strengthen the institutional capacity of the Direction de Protection Civile, improving the communication network and decision-support system, carrying out of a comprehensive functional and structural assessment of the national shelter network, and rehabilitation and construction of priority shelters. Third component, rehabilitation of vulnerable and damaged critical transport infrastructure, will strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications and other relevant ministries, departments and agencies, carrying out reconstruction and/or reinforcement of identified investments in the transport sector, and identifying critical investments to protect the local access to the main road network. Fourth component, emergency response and recovery, will facilitate rapid response upon occurrence of an emergency. Fifth component, project management and implementation support, will strengthen and develop the institutional capacity for project management, coordination, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.


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    Haiti - Projet de Reconstruction et de Gestion des Risques de Catastrophe

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Haiti - Disaster Risk Management and Reconstruction Project : Haiti - Projet de Reconstruction et de Gestion des Risques de Catastrophe (French). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.