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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (P171528) (English)


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    Environmental Assessment,Environmental and Social Assessment,Social Assessment

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    Latin America & Caribbean,

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    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (P171528)

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    Solid Waste Management; Environmental and Social Management Plan; economies of scale and scope; legal and regulatory framework; innovation and productivity growth; Environmental and Social Impact; community health and safety; Environmental and Social Safeguard; water and sewerage; solid waste management facility; capacity-building need; Occupational health and safety; high level of dependence; grievance redress mechanism; use of land; disposal of waste; public sector modernization; social and environmental; prior written permission; code of conduct; certificate of approval; acquisition of land; digital economy; act of parliament; innovation and growth; Gender-Based Violence; public service delivery; effect on health; Indigenous People Plan; emission of particulate; appropriate mitigation measures; access to information; species of plant; solid waste storage; access to broadband; construction of infrastructure; Value for Money; use of water; high population density; occurrence of disasters; waste management facilities; rate of production; lifelong learning opportunity; creation of technology; certificate of title; improved service delivery; standard operating procedure; town and country; environmental health issues; physical cultural resources; Indigenous Peoples; electronic waste management; Public Services; enabling environment; special waste; digital transformation; regulatory environment; digital service; digital skills; online transaction; Social Assessment; land development; Natural Resources; national policy; rural area; noise level; national legislation; working condition; stakeholder engagement; Cultural Heritage; natural environment; land use; financial service; biological resource; physical environment; market development; business model; social planning; participating country; new investment; catchment area; social consideration; impact analysis; digital government; global economy; daily life; private service; consultation process; physical planning; grievance redressal; market outcome; ecosystem service; digital id; major port; international recognition; marine habitat; digital world; ecosystem approach; transaction account; socio-economic development; foreign capital; productive sector; infrastructural development; west indies; business creation; digitally literate; promotional activity; employment opportunity; employment opportunities; population census; value chain; age range; tourism sector; recent times; local court; legal recourse; construction site; civil society; atmospheric emission; water emissions; individual nation; social aspect; natural water; construction practices; heavy machinery; contract negotiation; water quality; legislative drafting; legislative review; job generation; labor conflict; process use; project impact; new job; soil contamination; traffic pattern; positive impact; sustainable livelihood; tourism industry; small country; organizational arrangement; environmental screening; light manufacturing; good environmental; telecommunications system; steep slope; community consultation; volcanic ash; alluvial soil; draft form; reporting procedure; acceptable resolution; offshore banking; grievance mechanism; environmental risk; last resort; digital infrastructure; data center; disposal facility; policy requirement; Proposed Investment; sustainable use; monitoring mechanism; cultural environment; private land; the administration; body corporate; water conservation; Water Management; pest control; disposal site; electronic equipment; waste diversion; building construction; environmental harm; tourism revenue; certified copy; certified copies; vulnerable area; civil works; social obligation; international environmental; social sustainability; territorial water; marine zones; hold land; human settlement; Disaster Management; digital connectivity; water main; exclusive right; subproject identification; public complaint; public education; resource recovery; transfer station; scientific principle



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Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Caribbean Digital Transformation Project (P171528) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.