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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Second National Ganga River Basin Project - P169111 (English)


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    Chauvot De Beauchene,Xavier

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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    South Asia,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Second National Ganga River Basin Project - P169111

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    impact of climate change; wastewater collection and treatment; health and safety issue; water quality monitoring station; water supply and sewerage; contamination of drinking water; water-related diseases; disposal of construction waste; Environmental and Social Impact; environmental and social assessments; Environmental and Social Safeguard; environmental and social management; million people; loss of livelihood; emergency preparedness plan; river basin management; municipal wastewater treatment; demand for water; sewage treatment facility; adverse environmental impact; loss of land; contamination of groundwater; development of hydropower; improvements in water; risk of exposure; operation of facility; change in rainfall; climate change impact; physical cultural resources; wastewater treatment plant; Supply of Water; loss of property; low income household; flow of water; domestic water demand; effluent discharge standard; impact of temperature; downstream water quality; reduction in pollution; civil society group; private sector business; flora and fauna; utilization of forest; water use efficiency; sewage treatment plant; solid waste collection; spread of disease; secure water supply; construction and operation; future climate scenarios; Urban Water Supply; river basin planning; infrastructure and services; natural water bodies; law and regulation; central government finance; agriculture and livestock; illness and death; grievance redress mechanism; lack of water; chronic water scarcity; social and environmental; energy recovery systems; movement of people; renewable energy generation; Investment Project Financing; thermal power plant; high poverty line; last mile connectivity; impact of flood; water storage capacity; infectious disease outbreak; Type of Investment; time and resource; resilience to drought; institutional framework; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; private operator; emergency response; treatment capacity; water availability; wastewater service; river water; Proposed Investment; pumping station; pollution load; pollution abatement; land acquisition; safeguard issue; sewerage network; sewage network; investment level; Gender Gap; living standard; climate resilience; extreme poverty; sensitive locations; project intervention; environmental issue; pollution impact; treated wastewater; global outbreak; point source; payment obligation; natural habitat; sensitive habitat; industrial effluent; cumulative impact; construction period; contract management; involuntary resettlement; surface water; river management; mitigation measure; private land; stakeholder consultation; Water Security; river flow; treatment facilities; flow regime; water pollution; natural disaster; social screening; sensitive issues; sewer network; pollution source; positive impact; ecological integrity; marginalized group; industrial pollution; industrial wastewater; government plan; ecological flows; sewer connection; untreated sewage; rolling basis; sanitation strategy; dry season; energy cost; industrial growth; private property; annuity payment; operational efficiency; outreach program; flood risk; sludge disposal; wastewater discharge; security mechanism; disposal facility; mass media; public engagement; deposit amount; holistic approach; initial investment; anthropogenic damage; climate event; new investment; outreach activity; ecological balance; endemic flora; wastewater management; basin state; global experience; strategic location; capital expenditure; overall demand; social factor; citizen feedback; online system; financing arrangement; house sewer; Natural Event; water withdrawal; recent years; wastewater infrastructure; administrative control; urban development; conveyance systems; Water Shortage; career progression; administrative expense; significant threat; cultural value; safeguard analysis; physical characteristic; sanitation assets; management capability; long-term sustainability; agricultural practice; network coverage



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Chauvot De Beauchene,Xavier

Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Second National Ganga River Basin Project - P169111 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.