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Mali - Energy Support Project : restructuring (English)

The development objective of the Energy Support Project for Mali is to improve the access and efficiency of electricity services in Bamako and in other targeted areas of the country. The restructuring will extend the closing date by fifteen (15) months, from September 30, 2014 until December 31, 2015. This will be the first closing date extension for this project. The length of the extension reflects: 1) a revised implementation schedule and recent progress in project implementation, and 2) a revised scope of activity reducing the risks of delays. The restructuring will drop investment activities currently in components one and two, revise downward the cost of other activities and introduce a few new activities. The overall net impact of the changes is the reduction of total project costs from US$120 million to US$ 95 million. Consequently, an amount of US$25 million will be canceled from the credit. Also, the restructuring does not involve a change in safeguard category or trigger a safeguard policy not triggered originally by the project. Overall, the restructuring is expected to substantially simplify project implementation.


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    Mali - Energy Support Project : restructuring

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