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China - Sichuan Urban Development Project : resettlement action plan (Vol. 3) : Resettlement action plan for Yibin municipality (English)

This Resettlement Plan (RAP) is in compliance with the Laws and Regulations of China and local governments, as well as with the Bank's Operational Guidelines. It sets an action plan for the Resettlement and Rehabilitation of the Project Affected Persons (PAPs) to ensure they will benefit from the project, and that their standard of living will improve, or at least be restored following project implementation. Acquisition of land and of other assets due to project implementation will adversely affect the livelihood of persons who live, work, or earn their living from the land to be acquired for project purposes. The RAP comprises four volumes, i.e., Sichuan Mianyang RAP (V. 1), Sichuan Panzhihua RAP (V. 2), Xining District, Suining City RAP (V. 3), and Yibin Urban Riverside Loop Line Road RAP (V. 4). The project design takes into consideration alternatives to minimize socio-economic impacts, and avoid as much as possible residential areas and farmland. An independent third party will be responsible for monitoring land acquisition and resettlement issues, including compensation to be provided to project affected people. Compensation will be in the form of land replacement or cash compensation, to include loss of land, physical structures, and lost assets - loss of productive trees and crops, and other productive assets, including loss of income due to lost employment. Monitoring criteria will be in place to ensure compliance with the RAP, as will grievance mechanisms should conflict occur.


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    Resettlement action plan for Yibin municipality

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China - Sichuan Urban Development Project : resettlement action plan (Vol. 3) : Resettlement action plan for Yibin municipality (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.