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China - Xinjiang Yining Urban Transport and Environment Project : social assessment : Social assessment report (English)

The development objective of the Xinjiang Yining Urban Transport and Environment Project for China is to improve the urban road network and transport management, and establish a sustainable and efficient urban transport system. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures are includes : (i) construction will affect nearby stores’ operations and nearby residents’ rest due to noise and traffic interruption, thereby potentially affecting nearby stores’ operating revenue; (ii) Construction will affect the traffic of nearby residents, students and vehicles mainly, and construction vehicles will threaten the personal safety of local residents, especially old people, children and women; (iii) difficult adaptation during early-stage operation of road-crossing safety facilities; (iv) the improved transport infrastructure will improve traffic efficiency, but high driving speed will pose greater traffic safety risks to pedestrians, and faster buses will pose risks to some passengers, especially old people, pregnant women, children and other special groups; (v) improve the logistics efficiency of local enterprises, and reduce their transport costs, thereby improve their overall economic efficiency and attracting more external investment; (vi) construction dust and noise may affect women’s physical and mental health, and increase their medical expenses; (vii) road maintenance and management should be conducted in consultation with women, old people, etc.; (viii) traffic signal setup, road passing mode, position and convenience, and streetlamp setup should be determined in consultation with women, old people, etc.; (ix) Skills training for women should be given at such time and venue, and in such form that women’s needs are fully met;


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China - Xinjiang Yining Urban Transport and Environment Project : social assessment : Social assessment report (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.