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China - Public-Private Partnership Project for Water Supply and Sanitation in Sichuan Province Project (English)

The objective of the Public-Private Partnership Project for Water Supply and Sanitation in Sichuan Province Project is to improve water supply and sanitation services through a public private partnership in selected areas of Deyang Municipality. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: after completion, the project will be in operation period, during which, the main blowing machines, pumps for sludge concentrating and dewatering system and other kinds within the station can achieve standard discharge by taking measures as placing sound insulation cover and vibration attenuation cushion, using acoustic materials in walls to fulfill plants sound insulation, and strengthening maintenance during operation. Thus, impact on the surrounding environment will be very limited; Wastewater in the project will be treated to meet the standards, and then, part of it will be reused for farmland irrigation and part of it will be discharged into sewage river; during the operation period, exhaust gas in sewage treatment station mainly refers to stench, such as H2S, NH3 etc. The project temporarily sets a 50-meterwide sanitary protection zone, and at the same time, all stench-producing units are sealed and covered, deodorizing devices are installed, exhaust fans are installed, and green plants are planted. By taking the above measures, the sewage treatment station will have very limited impact on ambient air; and during the operation period of the project, grid slag, sediment, sludge and domestic waste are mainly produced. Slag and sediment are transported to the local landfill for landfill treatment; sludge is dewatered and transported to the designated site for unified treatment before being transported to the sludge disposal center for advanced treatment and disposal; domestic waste is regularly cleared and transported by the environmental sanitation department.


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    China - Public-Private Partnership Project for Water Supply and Sanitation in Sichuan Province Project

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